Potential contributors/participantsΒΆ

  • Carles Pina

    • Software Engineer in C++ and Qt (and other tools)

    • Python Code Dojo regular attendant

    • some experience in teaching (Linux Professional Institute, Mysql, Bash, Python for non-programmers in one day, etc).

    • interested in Free Software
      • qdacco available in Debian/Ubuntu
      • Catux-USB
      • added support for gettext to GRUB 2.0, etc.
      • speaker in Fosdem and many small conferences in Spain
  • Patrick Nsukami

    • web developer Python, Java
    • member of the [Dakar Linux User Group](http://blog.dakarlug.org)
    • spreading free software whenever possible (barcamps, meetups, install parties, sfd, etc, ...)
    • have given some talks/workshops (Java, Python)

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